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changing what it says in objectives map screen
at the objectives screen there is a description of the battle taking place..this is how to change that...
with your map extracted open notepad and go to the menu folder and open the init.con file
at the bottom where it says
game.setmultiplayerbriefingobjectives......change the ending to what you want it to say
game.setmultiplayerbriefingobjectives "your objectives or battle story here" dont forget the ""
and thats it ...all changed after you pack it up and play...

credit goes to takiwa for this..
Wanna change the bot names??..heres how
go to my "vehiclespawn times and misc stuff" page for a tutorial on how to...DC name change now added to page
congrats to the GC mod team !!!
This is my camo imperial trooper ..

I have started a 2nd site to hold more info:heres whats listed there..

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adding EOD vehicles

sounds and custom Skyboxes

adding the ju88a junker

map specific textures

adding DC .39k statics and vehicles

Adding GC objects

Adding Hydroplanes

Compressing objects.rfa

How i use Photoshop 7 with texturing BF1942

converting maps after Battlecraft

Basic map/mod conversion

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Adding DC 4J vehicles and statics

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Editor42 ver4 setup instructions


Greenbuds map editing site #2

Adding a "Readme" to your map
This is how to add a readme file to your map before you zip it with WINRAR

first make a new folder on your desktop

now open notepad and type whatever you want about your map and were to extract it to and any information you think would be useful to the person playing it

now when you have all the info you want in notepad select file then save as then save it to the folder you made on your it as .txt and name it readme(or whatever you want)

now put a copy of your map in the folder also

(now you have to have winrar installed) open the folder you made on the desktop
you should have this in that folder

"yourmapname".rfa and the readme file
now click on the readme file then hold down Ctrl and select the "yourmapname".rfa both should be selected

now right click on either one and select add to "??????".rar

now it should start packing both up...when its done you need to name it right click on the new .rar file and select rename and name it whatever you want ( usually the map name ) now your map and read me are ready for DL by everyone...

How to install downloaded and custom maps :

hope this helps...first you need winrar get it here (link below) ok now after you install winrar create a folder in your go to where you dl the new map to ...double click on it and the winrar window will open...chose extract to and select the folder you made on your desktop and hit it is extracting the map to the desktop folder...when its done extracting close open the desktop folder and inside is the RFA right click on it and select copy you need to find the levels folder...this is the path...right click on start and select explore/program files/ea folder/battlefield1942/mods/bf1942/archives/b f1942/ right click in the levels folder and paste the RFA start the game and chose to create a game and select the new map and play...these are the paths for DC and RTR...program files/ea folder/battlefield1942/mods/desertcombat/arch ives/bf1942/levels...and RTR is ....mods/xpack/archives/bf1942/levels...hope this helps...

winrar site

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