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Here we will explain how to use this tool

RFA extractor -do not use this for textures...use gmakerfa for textures...
gmakerfa is on the easy texturing page..

open the rfa extractor and choose file and open then the path should be c:/program files/ea games/battlefield1942/mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels
now select the map you want to extract( the ones with NO numbers berlin.rfa
now select the map and hit open
now all the files will be listed in the extractor
now select extract and then choose all files then local disc (c:)
then hit ok
now it will make its own folder in the c:/
when using the map editor this is where you will look for the heightmap
now go edit your map

RFA Maker
to use your own map name go to changing map name to get it correct or it will crash..

ok now your ready to pack it up and try it out ..so lets pack it up and see what happens- hit enter after each step
any spaces in map name use _ for spaces
now open the RFA maker
enter the root directory to compress:
enter the base .rfa path:
would you like to see a list of the .rfa directories that will be created y/n
enter the name of the new .rfa
my_new_map.rfa use your map name here.. (dont forget to put .rfa after the name of the map or it won't work.)
would you like to compress the .rfa? (very slow)y/n
map created with ??? entries
now the new my_new_map.rfa file you just made will be in the folder that the rfamaker program is in
now go find it and copy and paste it into your levels folder
if you don't change the map name you have to delete the existing map and paste in the new one
if so make a copy of the regular one and save it somewhere to use later
its easy and the best if you change the map name first then all you need to do is paste it in the levels folder and go in and select your new map and play it..

If you are packing a BFVietnam map

this is what you would put to pack it up






now it should be packing the map