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Changing map name

using notepad to add vehicles and object names

Making your own mod

RFA extractor/maker

Changing Music and more...

Editing tools

MB Mapeditor 1.2/editor42

changing loadscreen pictures

using co-op / bots

Desert Combat conversion for RTR maps

Desert combat conversion BF1942 maps

get RTR vehicles to show up in game


vehicle spawn times and misc stuff

easy texturing...

Contact Me

I will respond to EVERY e-mail
if you have sent me a problem your having and i don't respond to your e-mail its because when i sent out the response it was returned to me from the postmaster on e-mail...there was already 1 person [god] (not the real one)sent me a problem he was having with loadscreen pictures and his e-mail was returned when i tryed to help i said
i will return every e-mail...


Please send me any additional info you think would be helpful to anyone changing or building bf1942 maps..please do as a step by step tutorial..