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On this page we will be describing how to change the map names ...
we will be using notepad to do this

  RENAMING: I'll be using el_alamein as an example

first extract if you haven't already the el alamein map to the c:\ go to c:\bf1942 (where you just extracted the el alamein map to )

with note pad open the Init.con file

look for origional map name,theres only 1 in here,now carefully delete the origional name and put in the name you want.If 2 or more words use _ for spaces.

El_Alamein to the_battle

now close it after renaming and when it asks to save changes choose yes

now open the Init FOLDER and in there open the terrain.con file in notepad

now there are 4 names to be changed in here,do same as first time,just rename but you have 4 to change.

and choose yes to save changes

last name-now you need to change the root folder also ( its in the c:\bf1942 folder-rename the el alamein folder to the_battle )change that name your done

you should have changed 6 names
if your origional map was El alamein and you renamed it to the battle this is how it should look


now this should be done first then packed up and put in the levels folder and tested before you continue with your map.
.saves alot of hassle trying to figure out why your map is crashing

below is what it should look like when your done changing names..

  This is the init.con file in main folder-i used the_battle for a map name...this is 1 name that you must change..just carefully delete the origional name (el alamein)and put in your name..spaces use_ between words.

rem **** Initialize level specific rendering settings.
ShaderManager.setTextureParam envmap bf1942/levels/the_battle/Textures/ENVMAP_G_.rcm
renderer.globalAmbientColor .15/.15/.15
renderer.ambientColor .04/.02/.03
renderer.diffuseColor .4/.35/.2
renderer.specularColor .3/.3/.3
renderer.animatedMeshAmbientColor 0.2
renderer.vertexFogEnable 1
renderer.fogColorVec .313/.297/.254
textureManager.alternativePath Texture/Russia
renderer.globalLodPercent 1
TreeRenderer.billboardlightscale 0.1

shadow.shadowColor 0.5

Game.setViewDistance 400
Game.spawnPlayers 1

rem *** Define flags ***
ObjectTemplate.create Flag BlueFlag 1
ObjectTemplate.networkableInfo FlagBodyInfo
ObjectTemplate.radius 5
ObjectTemplate.TimeToReSpawn 10
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AnimatedGeFlag

ObjectTemplate.create Flag RedFlag 2
ObjectTemplate.networkableInfo FlagBodyInfo
ObjectTemplate.radius 5
ObjectTemplate.TimeToReSpawn 10
ObjectTemplate.addTemplate AnimatedSoFlag

game.setTeamSkin 1 GermanSoldier
game.setKit 1 0 German_Scout
game.setKit 1 1 German_Assault
game.setKit 1 2 German_AT
game.setKit 1 3 German_Medic
game.setKit 1 4 German_Engineer

game.setTeamSkin 2 RussianSoldier
game.setKit 2 0 Rus_Scout
game.setKit 2 1 Rus_Assault
game.setKit 2 2 Rus_AT
game.setKit 2 3 Rus_Medic
game.setKit 2 4 Rus_Engineer

rem *** Shader Default Color ***
shaderManager.setDefaultShaderSolidColor 0.2/0.2/0.2

run Init/SkyAndSun
run Init/Terrain

water.specularEnable 1
water.texLayer1 texture/water03
water.texLayer2 texture/water04
water.normalMap texture/normalMap01
water.scrollDirectionNormalmap -1/-1
water.scrollDirection1 1/0
water.scrollDirection2 0/1
water.specularColor 0.6/0.43/0.2
water.scrollLayer1 0.01
water.scrollLayer2 0.01
water.scrollNormalmap 0.01
water.specularStreakFactor 0.001
water.tileLayer1 1
water.tileLayer2 1
water.tileNormalmap 1
water.lightDirection -0.3/0.5/-0.65
water.color 0.78/0.7/0.6
water.waterShallowAlpha 0.8
water.waterAlphaDepth 0.5

run Sounds/Environment

rem *** Set team 1 ***
game.setBeforeSpawnCameraPosition 1 354.82/94.12/451.787
rem *** Set team 2 ***
game.setBeforeSpawnCameraPosition 2 354.82/94.12/451.787

  this is the init folder/terrain.con file-here you will change 4 names..

rem **** Initialize Terrain *****
GeometryTemplate.create patchTerrain terrainGeometry
GeometryTemplate.file /bf1942/levels/the_battle/Heightmap
GeometryTemplate.materialMap /bf1942/levels/the_battle/Materialmap
GeometryTemplate.materialSize 256
GeometryTemplate.targetTriCount 4000
GeometryTemplate.worldSize 1024
GeometryTemplate.yScale 0.6
GeometryTemplate.texBaseName/ bf1942/levels/the_battle/TexturesTx
GeometryTemplate.texOffsetX 0
GeometryTemplate.texOffsetY 0
GeometryTemplate.detailTexName /bf1942/levels/the_battle/TexturesDetail
GeometryTemplate.waterLevel 72
GeometryTemplate.seaFloorLevel 0
GeometryTemplate.lodDistance 400

Water.baseTex texture/Water

ObjectTemplate.create SimpleObject terrainObject
ObjectTemplate.geometry terrainGeometry
objectTemplate.createNotInGrid 1

Object.create terrainObject
Object.setName track
Object.absolutePosition 0/0/0
Object.rotation 0/0/0

Console.worldSize 1024

Terrain.ShadowAmbient 80/80/80
Terrain.ShadowBorderFadeTime 0.075
Terrain.ShadowSamplingCullY 15

you might have already done this from above
and the last is the main extracted folder...El Alamein to the_battle (the actual folder)c:/bf1942/levels/ElAlamein folder to c:/bf1942/levels/the_battle folder.