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Custom objects in editor42...thanks to Augustus
Mini-Tut: Getting Custom Objects into Editor 42
Heres how to do it (This assumes you already got ordinary BF1942 objects displaying properly):

1: Extract the map with the objects you want to yoink. (Ask map makers permission to use them first.) For this prupose, I am gonna use Al Khafji Docks as an example, as Iggy prolly expected us to yoink them anyway.

2: In this map. Iggy was nice enough to use a nice clean file structure. (Well done Iggy ). In this map, he has put the object Standard meshes in a Folder called 'standardMeshes'.
Copy ALL the files in this folder into the standardmesh folder you created for ED42, that should already contain all the bf1942 standarMeshes you extracted from the BF1942 standardmesh.rfa.

3: The textures for these objects are in the folder in the exracted map called 'textures' (with a lower case 't').
Copy these into the 'textures' folder you made for ED42, that should already contain all the bf1942 textures you extracted from BF1942 textures.rfa.

4: in the exracted map, there is also a folder called 'objects'. Copy all these folders and there contents (maintaining the contents inside there self-named folders, eg, dc_boathouse_m1 files stay in the dc_boathouse-m1 folder) into the objects folder you already created for ED42 (blah blah blah).

5: Now heres how to get them to show up:

In all of the geometries.con files in each and every folder you moved in step 4, you need to change this line:

GeometryTemplate.file ../bf1942/levels/DC_Al_Khafji_Docks/standardMesh/dc_boathouse1_m1

To say:

GeometryTemplate.file standardMesh/dc_boathouse1_m1

For those unfamiliar with BF1942 internal stuff. The dc_boathouse1_m1 at the end is refering to the file you copied into the ED42 standardmesh folder. You need to tell it to look there for it. The original line we changed, is telling it to look in the al Khafji docks map.

Remember to extract the stansardmesh.rfa; textures.rfa and objects.rfa from the DesertCombat mod directory as well. Same way as you did with the BF1942 equivalents

""""""""Getting Editor42 beta 3 and 3.1 to work""""""""

first go make a folder in the c: it bf42 (thats what i used) would look like this c:\bf42

now inside that folder make 4 new folders and name them these

now in the bf42 folder make another folder and name it go to c:/programfiles/EA/battlefield1942/mods/bf1942/archives

inside there is the 3 files you need to extract to the folders you made in c:/bf42

extract the objects.rfa into the objects folder,extract the standardmesh.rfa into the standard mesh folder,and texture.rfa into texture folder

now extract the map you want to do into the levels folder you made ...

ok your done with that

now open editor42 and a directory will open up the first line it should look like this c:\bf42\bf1942\levels...dont change any of the other ones..

now close the directory

now click on file and open and the levels directory will show up..choose the level you extracted into the levels folder and choose it and select ok

now the map should be showing on the screen...hopefully this worked for you...and thanks to coincoin2 for this program...

Madbulls map editor 1.2
here we will try to explain some of the ways to get the best results from the map editor

Raising and lowering terrain
after you have extracted a map open the map editor and select file and open
the path should be c:/bf1942/levels/map name/height map
now you should see the terrain,buildings and red squares for the trees and green for the objectspawns (vehicles,MGs,planes,etc )
on the right side or where ever the tool bar is you can choose to raise the terrain or lower the terrain,smooth,roughen,level
then theres the map objects tool
you can add static objects (buildings,medlocker,ammo,etc )object spawns (vehicles,MGs,planes,etc)soldier spawms (spawn points ) and control points (flag capture areas)

explained below
after you have your map open in mapeditor 1.2 and you have your hills and terrain all done then at the top theres a little picture of a house,select it
now over on the right it will change
you want to select the + for adding objects the - to remove the circle arrows to rotate object
now on your map figure where you want to put something and what it will be then click on the space you want to place it
now a window will open and give you a list of things to choose from
select what you want or add a name to the custom object window(found on names pages) and type it in
then hit enter
now the object will show up (trees wont)now if you want to move the object up and down select the move button then hold down the CTRL key and it will move the object up and down not side to side
to move slower hold the shift key
for tipping the object select the spin button and hold down the CRTL or ALT key

to do spawn,control,object spawns just do the same as above except that on the right tool bar you need to left click on the picture of the little house and a list will open saying
static objects
spawn objects
soldier spawns
control points

just select what you want to add and do the same as above
i've found that when adding vehicles to type in the vehicle name to get it to show up..everything else you can select in the listing
if adding vehicles or spawn points remember to go to the using co-op page for that
DO you want buildings to be there instead of red squares?
go into the program files then into the bfmapeditor program
when you get in there look for a file called install resources 3 kb
double click on it and let it install everyhing
now when you go into bf map editor you will see buildings instead of red squares...some other peices will show up also
trees will not show up ..or vehicles..