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Adding new music to your game.....

ok lets change the music in the game

first make a new folder- name it redone music folder ( mine is on my desktop )
now put a song in there you want to use for your new music

now we need to have that song file as a .wav using cool edit pro 2.0 (got it from a site that starts with a K.z.. )
open the cool edit program then select open and then file and go to the redone music folder and select the song you want to this must be in 44100kz 16bit mono...heres how

open the song in cool edit pro

then select edit

then ..convert sample type

set to  ...441000...MONO....16 bit....hit ok...

now select new file  and then save as and save it as ACM waveform

now it will make it into a .wav format

when its done close the cool edit program

now open your rad video tools (link posted on editing tools page )

select the new .wav song you did in the redone music folder...

now click on bink it at the bottom

a new window will open ..dont change any of the settings and on the right side select bink it again
now it will be making the bink file

when its done go to the redone music folder and rename the new bink file...these are the choices

breifing= singleplayer mode
menu=when your team looses a match
slaughter4=menu screen
theme2=singleplayer mode
vehicle3=when your team wins a match
vehicle4=loading screen

you can change each one just by renaming it to one of all you have to do is copy and paste them into the music folders
and play and listen to your new music...



Zebra AC-130

did this on stunt map,fly through with plane.

wooden hillside post

camo bunker

throw together idea

my sons face on soldier

iraqi soldier with some changes...

another iraqi redone...

this is a friend that plays BF1942 with me "DrMean"

new DC camo uniforms...

new soldier and bunker..

DC camo M1A1

new ground textures