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how to make mods work with 1.45 patch
in the menu/init.con it must say this...for each mod

game.setmapid "BF1942".....for bf maps

game.setmapid "desertcombat"....for desert combat mod

game.setmapid "GCMOD"....for galactic conquest mod

and so on for each mod.

Making your own mod:
...ok lets get started...

first create a folder in the mods folder that your mod will be called

i'll call mine my_mod
now the easyiest way i could do this was to extract a DC map and use the .con files from there then change it to what you extract a DC map and place it in a seperate folder to use in a minute ( i created a folder on my desktop and put it in there,drag it from c:/bf1942 after extracting

now copy the init.con file from your extracted DC map and paste in the mymods folder

now copy and paste the archive folder in there also (from mods/desertcombat/archives...copy the archives folder into the mymods folder

now open the init.con file in note pad and delete everything and put this in there(except use your map name in the highlighted words)

game.setCustomGameName "mymod"
game.addModPath Mods/mymod/
game.addModPath Mods/BF1942/
game.customGameFlushArchives 0
game.setCustomGameVersion 1.0

Game.setMenuMusicFilename "music/slaughter4.bik"
Game.setLoadMusicFilename "music/vehicle4.bik"
Game.setWinMusicFilename "music/vehicle3.bik"
Game.setLoseMusicFilename "music/menu.bik"
Game.setCampaignLoseMusicFilename "music/theme2.bik"
Game.setDebriefingMusicFilename "music/briefing.bik"

the line game.setCustomGameVersion 1.0set what version you want it to show in the custom game screen..

now copy and paste the music folder from c:mods/desertcombat/sounds and paste in the mymods folder

now you should have this in your mods folder

init.con file
archives folder
music folder
(if you want a icon next to your mod name in custom selection screen).....this line has to be in the maps menu/init.con ../../bf1942/levels/map_name/menu/ can name the .dds file anything just so the 3 names are the file in map menu folder for icon to show next to map name, file in the mymods folder >

How to make a map that works "IN "your mod
ok i saw in the forum where Mr blood had a question on how to make a map that you only have to put in your mod your making....well here's the answer

first make the map for your you would any other map

now go make your mod folder up ..check the tutorial for making a mod above here..

now i did mine to work with DC and this basically applies to any mod..even one you make the objects yourself

remember i used DC

the only thing you need to do to is open notepad and go to the extracted map you have made and open the conquest folder and in the objectspawntemplates.con file you need to change the names to what they are in DC (refer to DC conversion page )

now delete the precache.con file in the main folder of your extracted map

paste one from DC in there (extract a dc map to a desktop folder you made and use the precache.con in there )now 1 more thing to change is the soldier settings in the init.con file in the main folder..paste this in there...

game.setTeamSkin 1 IraqSoldier
game.setKit 1 0 Iraq_Sniper
game.setKit 1 1 Iraq_Assault
game.setKit 1 2 Iraq_AT
game.setKit 1 3 Iraq_HeavyAssault
game.setKit 1 4 Iraq_Support
game.setKit 1 5 Iraq_SpecOps

game.setTeamSkin 2 USSoldier
game.setKit 2 0 US_Sniper
game.setKit 2 1 US_Assault
game.setKit 2 2 US_AT
game.setKit 2 3 US_HeavyAssault
game.setKit 2 4 US_Support
game.setKit 2 5 US_SpecOps
now pack it up and put it all in the mod/mapname/archives/bf1942/levels folder

now start game ...activate mod...and play your level...and you should be able to change things in the map and repack without any problem unless you change any of the things we just did...but moving and adding staticobjects is no problem....

if your using a coop map you need to delete the objectspawntemplate.con in the singleplayer folder and paste the one from the conquest folder in there for the DC vehicles to show.....hope this helps...