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Here i wil try to help walk you through the steps to making a map that works from battlecraft: Conquest,TDM,CTF , single player NOT supported in battlecraft... but it still can be done
Making a DC map with Battlecraft

you can either edit a regular BF map or make one from scratch this way...but you will be basically making a regular BF map but will make it DC playable at the end...

after you are all done making your map and i mean done because battlecraft will not except it after this...

ok now extract your map to the c:\ drive ( c:\bf1942 )now with note pad go into the init.con file and paste this in there

game.setTeamSkin 1 IraqSoldier
game.setKit 1 0 Iraq_Sniper
game.setKit 1 1 Iraq_Assault
game.setKit 1 2 Iraq_AT
game.setKit 1 3 Iraq_HeavyAssault
game.setKit 1 4 Iraq_Support
game.setKit 1 5 Iraq_SpecOps

game.setTeamSkin 2 USSoldier
game.setKit 2 0 US_Sniper
game.setKit 2 1 US_Assault
game.setKit 2 2 US_AT
game.setKit 2 3 US_HeavyAssault
game.setKit 2 4 US_Support
game.setKit 2 5 US_SpecOps

now delete the precache.con file in the extracted map and paste in the one from a DC map (you should already have extract a DC map to a folder for using )

now you need to go into the conquest and singleplayer folders and with notepad open the objectspawntemplate.con in both folders and change names to DC vehicles (refer to DC conversion page for name change )

now pack it up and place in the mod\desertcombat\archives\bf1942\levels folder...and play it

this info from "accusedmonk"
most errors that occur within bc happen when u go to finalize the map with all the shadows and light maps, to fix those errors copy and paste ur map in your ...Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels that way it will have all the stuff it needs for the lightmaps, testing with maplist.con and all that good stuff, even better is when u save it, it still saves to the one u originally created, most likely in you dc levels folder, so u dont have to re-copy and paste the one in Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942 into ur mod's level folder, it worked great for me so it should work perfect for u guys too

Using editor42 with battlecraft maps:only do this after you are ALL DONE in doesnt like custom textures...
ok i made a map with battlecraft and wanted to texture (paint )the ground with editor42 but everytime it would crash so heres what i did

first extract the El alamein map and save in a different folder, now while your still in battlecraft click on the surface map assignment button on the top tool bar

when that opens there will be little squares with no numbers

click on the squares that are highlighted and numbers will show up in the little boxes ( , etc. )

write those numbers down

now open the el alamein map you extracted and go into the textures folder and copy and paste the textures with the same numbers into the textures folder of the map you made in battlecraft

You can use textures from any map,i use el alamein because it has a full set of textures

now extract your battlecraft map to the c: drive

It will create the c:\bf1942 folder

now your editor42 should already be set to find the level

now just texture (paint) until you get the look you want...
Installing battlecraft and making it work...
first make sure you have DX9 and .net framework installed
install the .netframe then the DX9...order of installation is important

now i created a folder and extract battlecraft to there...

now go to where you extracted it to and click

now its installing...when it asks have check mark in box for add shortcut to start menu (required for uninstall)
then click finish
-program folder should be EAgames\battlecraft_1942
hit ok
now it should say installation complete..

now it should be installed correctly...
Now how to use it.....
it should have put a icon for battlecraft on your desktop...

click on it and open the program (if you did everything correctly with installing)

it gives a warning ,just click yes
for mod name leave it bf1942
gamepath should be c:programfiles\eagames\battlefield1942
object list should be
click open existing level
it should be bf1942
now when yuou click on OK it should list all the origional bf maps
first copy and paste the map you want to change to a safe folder for replacing the origional after you mess with it in battlecraft...DONT FORGETnow choose the level you want to change
now it should show the map you chose and your ready to start changing things around (toolbar tutorial coming very soon...)
Creating a level from scratch...
now for a level from scratch...

open battlecraft
select new
gives a warning-select yes
give it a mod name-ill call mine coolmod
leave the other settingsthe way the are
hit ok
now it should say bf1942/coolmod in the selection window
highlight your mod and select OK
select create a new level
select your mod coolmod
select ok
now it needs a level name-name it whatever you want...this is the level or map name...i'll use the_base
choose terrain properties and heightscale
select game rules to use
put a check in the random height if you want the program to make the hills or no check in the box if you want to do it from scratch yourself
select oknow the random terrain generator comes up if you selected create random heightmap
choose how you want it and select ok
now your terrain is generated and showing on the screen
now to add things to your map
on the left side it will have a window with this in there
static objects
and cache objects list

controlpoints:drag new controlpoint to where you want it
double click on the new control point you made and a window will open up...change the control point name ex..southbase ,northbase,etc...or whatever you want
most of the list is self explanatory but will try later to show all settings
now click ok when done

to add soldier spawns just drag a new soldier spawn point where you want and after that double click on it and a window will open up...this is where you set the info for that spawn

drag a new objectspawnpoint to where you want it
double click on it and use these names


then in the selection for each one you need what will spawn there ...ex...heavybomberspawner=b17,mgspawner=stationary_mg or browning...etc..list coming soon

to add these you need to go to cached objects first
double click on cached objects and choose add new object
a list will open
choose 1 thing on the list and hit oknow its added to the cached objects list
now just drag the object to where you want it and its added to the map...

remember to save when your done ...actually its a good idea to save OFTEN...

Lightmaps and battlecraft crashing-submitted by Kookie
ok i have an update for you. alot of people will want to know why their BC crashes when they want to create lightmaps.

here it goes:

download the file from the official battlefield site (
open the zipfile, you'll see alot of files ending on .sample

now put these zipfiles into the following directory:


go to the root folder of battlefield (X:/program files/ea games/battlefield1942/) and create a folder called "StandardMesh" (1 word)


now put all of the sample files into this folder, now you have this:


X:/program files/ea games/battlefield1942/StandardMesh/all the samplefiles.


try it out, if it works then you're done here.

the next part is if you still have problems.

If you have installed your bf on another drive, and still have problems after doing that, do the same but for the c:/ drive. then you'll have


C:/program files/ea games/battlefield1942/StandardMesh/all the samplefiles


add the Standardmesh.rfa file in this folder on c:


C:/program files/ea games/battlefield1942/mods/bf1942/archives


and put the bf1942.exe file in this folder


C:/program files/ea games/battlefield1942/


Try this. normally everything should be ok now

Still having problems

now if you get an error like this :


Debug Assertion Failed!


Text: 3DDevice creation failed. Printing debug data....


Then minimise your BC just after hitting the 'create lightmaps' option in the tools menu.

good luck

hope this straightens things out