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retexturing your map

Heres the easyiest way to get a different look in your map

First with your map extracted you need to make another folder in the main map folder and name it "customtextures"..without the ""

now put the textures you want to change in the customtextures folder

now open photoshop or what ever program you use to paint with

now go to the customtextures folder and select the .dds files to be painted

now paint away and when done do a "save as" and select the origional .dds file of the picture and save it..

now in the main map folder in the init.con file you need to add a line to get the textures to show up..this is what it will look like when you get done

textureManager.alternativePath Texture/Europe

textureManager.alternativePath ../../bf1942/levels/map name here/customtextures

now pack up you map and se if your new textures are showing..


german flag i did..
in photoshop painted flag white then used clone stamp and a seperate picture of the iron cross..

Camo bunker...
this was only a 5 min job so its not that great...

Very simple to use.

this is a re-skin on the ac-130 i did

more picture examples coming soon...
submit your creations if you would like...insert image into e-mail (dont zip) and ill put it on the custom screenshots page..

Thanks to all for visiting my site...
Hope it helped you in someway..

for doing flags
the flags are located in the
c:/custom_rfa/textures folder

open photoshop and select this file then paint and paste away