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here we will tell you how to take a co-op map and change the vehicles and have them work when you play a co-op game..might not be the correct way but works for me ...changing spawnpoints or controlpoints can be tricky if you get out of the bots pathfinding area..
this is for any map that already has coop feature and all you've done is edit the terrain and moved  objectspawns around..dont know about maps made from scratch...)ok you changed some vehicles around ...if you don't do this when you choose co-op all the origional spawn vehicles will show up.

the conquest folder is where everything is saved when using map editor 1.2..

now open note pad and go to c:/bf1942levels/my_new_map
now open the conquest folder
in there it looks like this

now open another note pad but this time open the singleplayer folder
now you want to copy from the conquest folder to the singleplayer folder
say you changed the objects/vehicle placement(trees and buildings dont matter)
so with both notepads open conquest/singleplayer copy the objectspawn.con file from the conquest folder then delete the one in the single player then paste the objectspawn.con in there then do the objectspawntemplate.con also
dont worry about the .bak file
do the same if you changed the soldierspawns or control points

now when you play co-op it should have everything you added or deleted..

Using Battlecraft to do coop maps

first extract the map your editing

now rename it to what you want your map name to be

now repack your newly named map and put in the levels folder

now open BC and the map should be the map listing

do whatever to the map then when your all done save it,now reextract your map and now you have to copy the .cons from the conquest folder to the singleplayer folder


once your done repack your map and put in the levels folder and play...for converting to DC just do as the DC conversion for bf1942 maps and or making a map work "in"your mod for a map that only goes in DC